FOCUS ON SPIRITS: Great spirits and the stories behind them.

By: Doug Cook,


montana-distillery-logoThe Montana Distillery – Real Flavored Vodkas

OK, let’s play the word association game.  First word that comes to mind…

Flavored vodka…  What ya’ got?

In a highly informal poll (it is election season, after all), the following responses were provided:  sweet, fruity, yum, girly, gross.

You may have noticed the absence of “authentic” in that list of responses.  Genuine.  Real.  Natural.  All missing fom the responses, as well.  As a founding member of the Society for the Abolition of Flavored Vodka, my response typically fell somewhere between “sweet” and “gross.”

Even those who might say “yum” seem to acknowledge that most flavored vodka should be used in a mixed drink – a flavor mixed amongst others, to hide the syrupy sweetness in hope some of the intended flavor comes through.

<A flourish of trumpets sounds!>

Behold the Great Liberator of Flavored Vodka! Mark Hlebichuk of The Montana Distillery.  No, he doesn’t ride a white horse or wear a suit of armor.  He’s usually found in a t-shirt and jeans, but he is a hero, all the same.  Mark is the co-owner (along with his wife, Sharie) and master distiller at The Montana Distillery. He is a man who believes in doing things the right way.  His Bloody Mary mix was developed over years spent working as a safety engineer on the coast of Louisiana. That’s authentic. He doesn’t care how you vote, as long as you believe in what you’re voting for.  That’s genuine. He treats his employees as expected future partners in the distillery, because he respects them and the product.  That’s real.

md_bacon_vodkaBut, the vodka is why you are here.  The flavored vodkas of The Montana Distillery include cucumber, bacon, ginger, raspberry, vanilla, pepper, cherry-vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and, of course, huckleberry. They are all delicious.  Why?  Because, the vodkas at The Montana Distillery include NO added sugar, NO extracts and NO artificial flavors or colors.  The vodkas are made with natural ingredients, as genuine and authentic as their maker.

When you take a sip of the Cucumber Vodka, you taste…cucumber!  True story.  Not sugar.  Not syrup.  Just clean, crisp cucumber.  Want a little spicy, tangy zing?  Try the Ginger Vodka, which tastes JUST LIKE ginger.  ‘Cause it is!  All of these vodkas are so pure and real that they are wonderful enjoyed neat or on the rocks, absent any other mixers.  That being said, they are great in drinks, too.  All mixed drinks are not created equally, and the natural vodkas of The Montana Distillery will ensure your mixed drink is exceptional.

Word is, Mark is now working on new vodka flavors – antelope, buffalo and elk – to honor hunting season in Montana.  OK, not really.  It’s so hard fitting those buffalo into the fermenting tanks.  But, we can’t wait to taste what’s next!  In the meantime, enjoy one or all of the great flavors that are available.

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